XRF Spectrometer


* XRF Spectrometer is in a development phase

Using non-destructive XRF spectrometry, the L1 EXPERT is ideal for portable element analysis. The ergonomic pistol grip and trigger are designed for all-day use. Designed as a “point and shoot” analyzer, the L1 EXPERT requires minimal setup and operator training.

X-ray fluorescent analyzer L1 EXPERT with actuation of characteristic elements radiation by compact X-ray emitter, is designed to conduct multielement analysis of metals, alloy materials, including aluminum, magnesium, stainless, jewelry, constructional, special alloy materials and products based on them, as well as to identify chemical elements from sodium (Z=11) to americium (Z=95) and chemical agents containing them in substances in solid, powder-like and liquid state.


  • Excellent trace element sensitivity and very low detection limits. Identification chemical elements from sodium to americium in the base set
  • Analyzer of elemental composition of substances and materials
  • The accuracy in determining of the mass concentration of elements that is not accessible for most available handheld XRF spectrometers
  • Significantly higher reliability, stability and durability of the X-ray machine through the use of schemes with a massive anode
  • Best performance in the analysis of the full range of elements in all types of materials without replaceable filters

Principles of Operation

Determination of chemical elements content in samples is carried out by X-ray fluorescence method, based on dependence of the flux density of the elements characteristic radiation on their concentration.

Characteristic radiation of the analyzed elements is excited by bremsstrahlung (primary radiation) of X-ray tube, which is a part of the compact X-ray apparatus, and is recorded by semiconductor detector.

Quanta of characteristic radiation of different elements cause detector current pulses with amplitude proportional to their energy.

Current pulses, amplified by the detection unit preamplifier, come to spectrometer, where they are processed, converted into digital form and then come to personal computer, where they are accumulated and processed according to set programs.

Calculation of concentrations of elements has been produced by the method of fundamental parameters, without the use of reference samples.